3 Successful Tournament Tips

Monday, September 24 2012

By Alex Bannon

Do you get annoyed when you lose a tournament? Well read these advanced Texas Holdem tournament strategy tips.

Playing advanced Texas Holdem tournament's may just be the best way to become super-rich playing poker. This is because to make a lot, and I mean millions, of dollars from cash games generally you have to play in the high rollers games, and that costs a lot of money.

But with a tournament you can pay an entry fee of maybe five or ten thousand and take home millions - now that's what I call leverage.

But developing and implementing a successful Holdem strategy isn't always easy. So these advanced Texas Holdem tips will definitely help you.

Advanced Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy Tip #1

The first tip is to model what works. Instead of designing and developing your own strategy just find out what everyone else is using to win and copy that. There are many books and courses that reveal all and turn you from a poker-zero to an absolute-hero in no time flat. Or, you can filter through page upon page of free info and put the pieces together yourself, however this can take some time.

Advanced Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy Tip #2

Make sure the strategy fits in with your personality. What I mean by this is, if the strategy requires you to constantly make moves and play in a way that you aren't comfortable with your likelihood of success goes down.

If you are risk averse you probably won't do very well with a loose-aggressive-all-in tournament strategy. On the other hand, if you love to constantly be playing and can deal with the ups and downs, you might get bored with a super-tight strategy.

Advanced Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy Tip #3

Practice and practice and get it to work. Most players find a strategy, play it, lose, decide the strategy sucks, find a new one, play it, lose with that, decide that sucks to, and repeat. They come to the conclusion that all these free strategies on the net suck and don't work and it's all a load of hooey.

Or, maybe, they suck. Not that they really suck but they just didn't take the time and effort to make the strategy work. They didn't practice and fine tune just like you have to do with anything - absolutely anything. So my final advice is to get a strategy, practice it and get it to work, or at least stick with it long enough to test it properly.

Now, I'm sure you are realizing that there is a lot more to developing a winning Texas Holdem tournament strategy. These tips are a kind of 'second-level' tip which help you get the right strategy, without going in to 'play these cards, bet this' detail. If you want that detail I suggest you continue searching for and find that information.

Opportunities to learn more advanced Texas Holdem strategies are everywhere. You just have to be aware and take them!

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